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At Clarity, we are dedicated to bringing accessibility directly to you. Our personalized home visits ensure that you receive one-on-one support tailored to your unique needs. Whether you face vision, hearing, or memory challenges, we're here to assist. We offer a range of solutions, from implementing assistive technologies to helping with digital legacy planning.

Clarity's Commitment to Accessibility Includes:

  • Personalized Home Visits: We offer one-on-one assistance in the comfort of your own home.

  • Vision Accessibility: We implement solutions and tools to aid you if you have vision impairments, such as screen readers, magnification options, and high-contrast displays.

  • Hearing Accessibility: We recommend and set up assistive technologies like hearing aids, captioning, and visual alerts for auditory notifications, catering to your hearing needs.

  • Cognitive Assistance: Our support includes providing strategies and tools to manage digital and daily tasks if you experience cognitive challenges.

  • Device and Software Setup: We configure computers, smartphones, and other devices with optimal accessibility features to best suit you.

  • Online Account Management: We assist you with password management and secure access to your online accounts.

  • Digital Legacy Planning: We offer guidance in planning and organizing your digital assets for future accessibility and preservation, ensuring your legacy is secure.

  • Training and Education: We provide personalized instruction and workshops, empowering you to gain confidence and independence in using accessible technologies.

  • Continuous Support: We are available for ongoing assistance and adjustments to meet your evolving accessibility needs, providing reliable support whenever you need it.

Your needs are at the heart of our Accessibility Advocate service, and we are committed to helping you navigate the digital world with ease and confidence.

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