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Design & Share

Make, store, share and print art of any kind! We love creative folks! At Clarity we believe in using technology to preserve and share media for future generations - we are lucky to have the skillset to be able to help you do that. Have print- or web- ready media designed, categorized, and distributed for your family, friends, and clients. If you're a professional, hobbyist or somewhere in between, Clarity can help you with whatever you need to make your creative dreams a reality! 

Some of our most popular media services include:

  • Get help editing, organizing, and disseminating digital media files using specialty software such as Adobe Lightroom

  • Scan, print, and share archival photo albums from your family history

  • Have your artwork or photographs made into gallery-quality prints or a personalized print media such as calendars and books

  • Configure and share cloud-based media storage

  • Film, edit and publish family or commemorative video

  • Restore and digitize degraded or damaged photos

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