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Digital Legacy

Get compassionate assistance in managing the digital footprint of departed loved ones. Our Digital Legacy Support service provides compassionate assistance to widows, widowers, and surviving loved ones in managing the digital footprint and online accounts of their departed family members. We offer guidance and support during this sensitive time, ensuring that cherished memories and important digital assets are preserved and handled with care.

Here are some ways we can help

  • Assisting with pre-planning for digital legacies, ensuring that individuals have a comprehensive strategy in place for their online presence and digital assets before they pass away.

  • Guiding individuals in communicating their digital legacy wishes to their family and loved ones, ensuring that everyone knows how to handle their digital accounts and online presence when the time comes.

  • Providing resources and tools to help individuals create a digital estate plan, specifying their preferences for account management, data privacy, and digital asset distribution.

  • Offering consultations and discussions to address any concerns or questions individuals may have about their digital legacy and online accounts.

  • Supporting families and loved ones in implementing the pre-planned digital legacy strategy after the individual's passing, making the process smoother and more manageable during a difficult time.

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