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Microsoft Office, Adobe Suites, or something more obscure? Let's figure it out. Learn to use specialty software or hire a professional to do it for you. We are familiar with lots of different specialty software - and if we aren't, we'll help you find the resources you need and even learn together. 

Specialty Software Services:

  • Specialty software training and configuration

  • Configure excel spreadsheets

  • Configure and troubleshoot Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

  • Create and organize Adobe Lightroom catalogues

  • Use craft or hobby equipment and specialty software

  • Convert and use proprietary or unreadable filetypes

  • PDF creation, editing, and conversion

  • Converting photo library files to shareable format

  • Troubleshooting corrupt or unreadable files

  • Use and understand web based applications

  • Google Suites

  • Website builders

  • Dropbox

... and so much more!

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