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The Basics

Sometimes it's just the little things.  If you need help understanding the day-to-day, we can help.

We speak computer, but we also know how to translate that language into English. Sit with us for as long as you need - we're here to make your life easier.

Let us be your liaison to your phone, cable, and internet provider, and guide you through the process of purchasing and configuring new devices. We speak tech to the experts, but we know how to translate for you, so you never feel lost.

Let us advise your newest purchases and even accompany you on your trips to Best Buy, the Apple Store, cellphone providers, and more, so that you always walk away knowing you got exactly what you need. 

Technology Literacy Training Services:

  • Operating System Basics

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11

  • Mac OSX and iOS

  • Android OS

  • Device-based training

  • Computer (Laptop, Desktop, All-in-One, etc)

  • Smartphone, Tablet, Smart Watch

  • Printers and Scanners

  • External storage configuration

  • Web-based training

  • E-mail

  • Cloud storage

  • Social Media

  • IT Hygiene

  • Regular computer cleaning

  • Backup and restore configuration

  • File organization

  • Malware and scam prevention

  • Password storage

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