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Clarity was formed over a decade ago out of a local need for tech help in the Albuquerque community. Since its conception, Clarity has helped hundreds of people and small businesses. We are proud to be growing and expanding to meet more specialized needs as time goes on. Clarity has helped local individuals as well as many small businesses.

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Claire quits her day job and takes on IT tutoring full time


Claire gets her first office



Claire begins working part-time as an IT tutor and helps many wonderful community members. She decides to make a business.

Old Clarity Technology Logo


Claire starts working with her father, an IT repairman, when his customers say they need someone to sit with them and help them through checking their emails.

Claire starts part-time college classes to learn more about computers and digital media.


She also earns her CompTIA A+ certification for hardware repair

Claire graduates with honors and receives an associates of applied sciences from CNM. 


Claire sets a goal to create a community-based school for IT. She rebrands the business and starts networking. 


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has just begun

About the Owner

Claire Harris

Claire is a tech enthusiast with a deep passion for creativity and community. Her fascination with technology started as soon as she could use a mouse, and has since guided her career path. Claire holds an Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degree in Computer Information Systems with a focus on digital media from CNM, where she graduated with honors. Additionally, she boasts a CompTIA A+ certification in hardware repair, showcasing her technical expertise. Proficient in various Adobe Suites, Claire enjoys collaborating with artists and hobbyists. She also works with community elders, local businesses, and families to bring their ideas to life. Apart from her professional achievements, Claire finds joy in rock climbing and reading, and she adores spending time with her husband and two dogs. Her mission is to utilize technology to connect, create, and positively impact the world, making it a more inclusive place.

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At Clarity, we prioritize your needs and offer compassionate tech help through personalized home visits. If you're facing challenges with using your devices and you feel like you need patient, dedicated assistance, contact us today. We'll ensure your technology is optimized to work seamlessly for you during our visits.

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At Clarity, we want to empower and uplift people by providing patient and accessible tech education. Through our empathetic approach, we strive to demystify technology and foster a confident, inclusive community where everyone can integrate tech seamlessly into their lives.


Our vision is to empower communities through technology by bridging the digital knowledge gap at a tech literacy school. With patient support and guidance, we aim to instill digital literacy, making lives easier and fostering community progress through the effective use of technology. We envision an informed and connected community, where everyone thrives in the modern world.

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